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Decoded Slug: A。でも、~B。(A. Demo, ~B)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。でも、~B。(A. Demo, ~B)

A。でも、~B。(A. Demo, ~B)

Short explanation:

Express contrast or a change of situation; 'even though A, B', 'although A, B'.


Clause A + でも, ~Clause B


Kinou wa samukatta. Demo, kyou wa atatakai desu.
Yesterday was cold. However, today it is warm.
Kare wa isogashii. Demo, tomodachi to asobu jikan ga aru.
He is busy. However, he still has time to hang out with friends.
Shiken ni goukaku shita. Demo, mada benkyou wo tsuzuketeimasu.
I passed the exam. However, I am still continuing to study.
Kanojo wa yuumei da. Demo, totemo kenkyo desu.
She is famous. However, she is very humble.

Long explanation:

The A。でも、~B。grammar point is used to express contrast or a change of situation between two clauses. It can be translated as 'even though A, B' or 'although A, B' in English. The formation simply requires adding でも between clause A and clause B.

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