Decoded Slug: A。もっとも B。(Motto mo ~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。もっとも B。(Motto mo ~)

A。もっとも B。(Motto mo ~)

Short explanation:

Express contrasting opinions or facts; 'although', 'but', 'however'.


Clause A + もっとも + Clause B


Kare wa atama ga ii. Mottomo, benkyou mo taisetsu da.
He is smart. However, studying is also important.
Kono resutoran wa oishii. Mottomo, nedan ga takai.
This restaurant is delicious. But, the prices are high.
Kanojo wa kirei da. Mottomo, seikaku ga warui.
She is beautiful. Although, her personality is bad.
Nihon wa omoshiroi kuni da. Mottomo, sumu no ga taihen sou da.
Japan is an interesting country. But, it seems difficult to live in.

Long explanation:

The A。もっとも B。 grammar point is used to express contrasting opinions or facts. It can be translated as 'although', 'but', or 'however' in English. This structure connects two clauses and highlights the contrast between them.

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