Decoded Slug: Aと Bと どちら~ (A to B to dochira~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Aと Bと どちら~ (A to B to dochira~)

Aと Bと どちら~ (A to B to dochira~)

Short explanation:

Used to ask which of two alternatives is preferred or to compare two things


Aと Bと どちら + Verb/Adjective/Noun


Ringo to mikan to dochira ga suki desu ka?
Which do you like, apples or oranges?
Densha to basu to dochira de iku beki desu ka?
Should I go by train or bus?
Akai wanpiisu to aoi wanpiisu to dochira ga niau to omoimasu ka?
Which do you think suits me better, the red dress or the blue dress?
Kono kamera to ano kamera to dochira no hou ga tsukaiyasui desu ka?
Which one is easier to use, this camera or that camera?

Long explanation:

The grammar pattern Aと Bと どちら~ is used to compare two alternatives A and B, and ask which one is preferred, better, or more suitable. It can be used with verbs, adjectives, or nouns.

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