Decoded Slug: AとBと どっち〜 (A to B to docchi〜)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
AとBと どっち〜 (A to B to docchi〜)

AとBと どっち〜 (A to B to docchi〜)

Short explanation:

Asking which one; 'which', 'A or B'.


AとBと どっち + Verb, AかBか どっち + Verb


Koohii to koucha to docchi ga suki?
Which do you like, coffee or tea?
Eiga to ongaku to docchi o tanoshimu?
Which do you enjoy, movies or music?
Akai shatsu to aoi shatsu to docchi o kau?
Which one will you buy, the red shirt or the blue shirt?
Nihongo to kankokugo to docchi o benkyou shitai?
Which do you want to study, Japanese or Korean?

Long explanation:

The AとBと どっち〜 grammar point is used to ask which one to choose between two options, A and B. It can be translated as 'which', 'A or B' in English. This is often used in casual speech and can be shortened to AかBか どっち〜.

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