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Decoded Slug: Noun + あっての + Noun (A atteno B)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun + あっての + Noun (A atteno B)

Noun + あっての + Noun (A atteno B)

Short explanation:

Expresses the idea 'nothing without'; something being indispensable for the existence of something else.


Noun1 + あっての + Noun2


Kazoku atte no watashi desu.
I am nothing without my family.
Okyakusama atte no bijinesu desu.
Business is nothing without customers.
Renshuu atte no seikou desu.
Success is nothing without practice.
Kenkou atte no shigoto desu.
Work is nothing without health.

Long explanation:

The grammar point 'Noun + あっての + Noun' is used to express the idea that something is indispensable for the existence of something else. This is generally translated into English as 'nothing without'. This structure emphasizes the essential role or influence of the first noun on the second noun.

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