Decoded Slug: Noun + ぐるみ (〜gurumi)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun + ぐるみ (〜gurumi)

Noun + ぐるみ (〜gurumi)

Short explanation:

This term is used to describe 'entirely', 'altogether', 'as a whole' or 'collectively'.


Noun + ぐるみ


Kazoku gurumi de ryokou ni ikimashita.
We went on a trip as a whole family.
Kurasu gurumi de ensoku ni ikimashita.
The whole class went on an excursion.
Kono kuni wa kokumin gurumi de sono houan wo shiji shiteimasu.
The entire population of the country supports that bill.
Kare wa yuujin gurumi de sono kurabu ni sanka shita.
He joined the club with all his friends.

Long explanation:

The ぐるみ grammar point is a postfix that indicates entirety or collectively. It is used after a noun to show that the action or state involves everyone or everything in a certain group. It can be translated as 'altogether', 'as a whole', 'groups of', 'all of' or 'entire'. This grammar form is usually used in written language and formal speech.

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