Decoded Slug: Noun + というもの (~ to iu mono)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun + というもの (~ to iu mono)

Noun + というもの (~ to iu mono)

Short explanation:

Used to express 'every', 'all'. Concept of generic reference.


Noun + というもの


Kodomo to iu mono wa, mainichi takusan asobimasu.
Children, as a group, play a lot every day.
Daigakusei to iu mono wa kenkyu ni jikan o takusan kakemasu.
University students spend a lot of time on research.
Nihon bunka to iu mono wa dentouteki na mono to atarashii mono ga mazatteimasu.
Japanese culture is a mixture of traditional and new.
Wakare to iu mono wa itsumo kanashii mono desu.
Goodbyes are always sad.

Long explanation:

This grammar point 'Noun + というもの' is usually used to express a general or universal truth, or to refer to all of the things or people of a certain category. Literally, it could be translated as 'every (noun)' or 'all of the (noun)'.

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