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Decoded Slug: Noun + ぬいて(~nuite)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun + ぬいて(~nuite)

Noun + ぬいて(~nuite)

Short explanation:

This is a way to express 'minus' or 'except for' some specific noun.


Noun + ぬいて


Watashitachi wa, kare nuite zen'in ga atsumaru koto ga dekimashita.
We were able to gather everyone except for him.
Kono resutoran wa okosama menyuu o nuite subete ga oishii.
Everything at this restaurant is delicious except for the kids' menu.
Kyou no shigoto wa hiruyasumi o nuite isogashikatta.
Today's work was busy except for the lunch break.
Kyuuka no hi o nuite, mainichi kare wa hatarakimasu.
He works every day except for the holidays.

Long explanation:

The grammar point Noun + ぬいて is used when you want to exclude a certain noun from the whole or mention something about everything else except for a specific noun. It's usually translated in English as 'minus' or 'except for'.

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