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Decoded Slug: Noun + はどうであれ (~ wa dou de are)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun + はどうであれ (~ wa dou de are)

Noun + はどうであれ (~ wa dou de are)

Short explanation:

This phrase means 'regardless of' or 'no matter how…'. It is used to express the idea that 'whatever the state or condition of the noun, we should not care'.


Noun + はどうであれ


Tenkou wa dou de are, shiai wa okonawaremasu.
No matter what the weather is, the match will be held.
Kekka wa dou de are, saizen wo tsukusu dake desu.
No matter what the result is, all we can do is try our best.
Anata no iken wa dou de are, watashi wa kare wo shinjimasu.
No matter what your opinion is, I believe him.
Shiken no kekka wa dou de are, anata ni wa nani mo kawarimasen.
No matter what the result of the test is, nothing will change for you.

Long explanation:

It is used to convey indifference or a lack of concern about the state or condition of a certain thing or matter. You can think of it as 'no matter what' or 'regardless of' in English. The phrase shows the speaker’s strong intention to do something or an assertion of circumstance that doesn’t change regardless of the noun’s state or condition.

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