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Decoded Slug: Noun + 中 (Noun + ちゅう)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun + 中 (Noun + ちゅう)

Noun + 中 (Noun + ちゅう)

Short explanation:

Express 'in the middle of', 'during', or 'in the process of'.


Noun + 中 (ちゅう)


Kare wa shigotochuu desu.
He is in the middle of work.
Shiken chuu, keitai denwa wo tsukatte wa ikemasen.
During the exam, you must not use your mobile phone.
Eiga wo miru chuu de, kare wa naki hajimemashita.
In the process of watching the movie, he started to cry.
Kanojo wa ima benkyouchuu desu.
She is currently studying.

Long explanation:

The 中 (ちゅう) grammar point is used to express that something is in the middle of, during or in the process of happening. It is attached to a noun to convey this meaning. The most common use is with the word '今' (now) to form '今中' (right now or currently).

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