Decoded Slug: Noun かたがた (Noun kata gata)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun かたがた (Noun kata gata)

Noun かたがた (Noun kata gata)

Short explanation:

Used when doing one thing while also doing another; 'while', 'and at the same time'.


Noun + かたがた


Toukyou e shuccho no kata gata, yujin ni ai ni itta.
While I was on a business trip to Tokyo, I went to see a friend.
Kankou no kata gata, omiyage wo kaimashita.
While I was sightseeing, I bought souvenirs.
Sanpo no kata gata, gomi wo hirotta.
While I was walking, I picked up trash.
Gakushuu no kata gata, ongaku wo kiita.
While studying, I listened to music.

Long explanation:

The Noun かたがた grammar point is used when doing one thing while also doing another. The first action is the main purpose and the second action is often a casual task or a task carried out alongside the main task. This grammar point emphasizes doing two things concurrently. The translation could be 'while', or 'and at the same time' in English.

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