Decoded Slug: Noun から Noun まで (Noun kara Noun made)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun から Noun まで (Noun kara Noun made)

Noun から Noun まで (Noun kara Noun made)

Short explanation:

Expresses a range; '', 'between...and'.


Noun1 + から Noun2 + まで


Asa 9 ji kara gogo 5 ji made hatarakimasu.
I work from 9 AM to 5 PM.
Toukyou kara Osaka made densha de iku.
I will go by train from Tokyo to Osaka.
Chikatetsu wa gozen 6 ji kara shin'ya made unkou shiteimasu.
The subway runs from 6 AM until midnight.
Getsuyoubi kara kinyoubi made gakkou ni kayoimasu.
I attend school from Monday to Friday.

Long explanation:

The から...まで grammar point is used to express a range between two nouns, indicating the starting point and ending point of an action, event or period of time. It can be translated as '' or 'between...and' in English.

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