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Decoded Slug: Noun からある (〜kara aru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun からある (〜kara aru)

Noun からある (〜kara aru)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'beginning from', 'from' or 'after'. Often used to indicate a high number or large scale.


Number + Counter + からある


Kare no korekushon wa gohyaku ko kara aru.
His collection starts from 500 items.
Kono biru wa yonjū kai kara aru.
This building has floors starting from the 40th.
Kare no zaisan wa juu oku en kara aru.
His property is worth starting from 1 billion yen.
Kono marason wa jikkī emu kara aru.
This marathon starts at 10km.

Long explanation:

The からある pattern is used to indicate a high number or a starting point, and can be expressed as 'beginning from', 'from', or 'after' in English. It is often used to represent minimum values ​​and to emphasize the enormity of the number or degree.

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