Decoded Slug: Noun から言わせれば (~kara iwasereba)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun から言わせれば (~kara iwasereba)

Noun から言わせれば (~kara iwasereba)

Short explanation:

Express the perspective of noun; 'from ~ point of view'


Noun + から言わせれば


Sensei kara iwasereba, mainichi benkyou suru beki da.
From the teacher's point of view, you should study every day.
Kodomo-tachi kara iwasereba, motto asobitai jikan ga hoshii.
From the children's perspective, they want more time to play.
Boku kara iwasereba, sono puran wa jikkou kanou da.
From my point of view, that plan is feasible.
Inu kara iwasereba, motto sanpo ni ikitai darou.
If the dog were to have a say, it would probably want to go for more walks.

Long explanation:

The から言わせれば grammar point is used to express the perspective or opinion of the noun or person mentioned. It is often used to speak hypothetically from someone or something's viewpoint. It can be translated as 'from ~ point of view' or 'if ~ were to have a say' in English. It requires the use of a noun before から言わせれば.

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