Decoded Slug: Noun がてら (Noun gatera)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun がてら (Noun gatera)

Noun がてら (Noun gatera)

Short explanation:

At the same time; on the occasion of; while; along with.


Noun + がてら


Sanpo gatera ni, chikaku no kouen de hana wo tsumimashita.
While taking a walk, I picked flowers in the nearby park.
Kaimono gatera, tomodachi ni ai ni ikimashita.
While shopping, I went to meet a friend.
Kanojo wa ryokou gatera ni atarashii gengo wo benkyou shimashita.
While on a trip, she studied a new language.
Doraibu gatera, atarashii arubamu wo kikimashita.
While driving, I listened to a new album.

Long explanation:

The がてら grammar point is used to express doing something in conjunction with something else, or taking advantage of the occasion to do something. It can be translated as 'while', 'at the same time', 'along with' or 'on the occasion of' in English.

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