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Decoded Slug: Noun くらい~ (Noun kurai~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun くらい~ (Noun kurai~)

Noun くらい~ (Noun kurai~)

Short explanation:

Express the extent or degree of something; 'about', 'approximately', 'at least'.


Noun + くらい


Kono hon wa sanbyaku peeji kurai arimasu.
This book has about 300 pages.
Kare no ie made aruite nijuppun kurai kakarimasu.
It takes about 20 minutes to walk to his house.
Ashita wa atsukute, sanjuu-do kurai ni naru deshou.
Tomorrow will be hot, about 30 degrees.
Kono ryouri wo tsukuru noni, zairyou wa gohyaku-en kurai hitsuyou desu.
You need about 500 yen worth of ingredients to make this dish.

Long explanation:

The くらい grammar point is used with a noun to express the extent or degree of something, meaning 'about', 'approximately', or 'at least' in English. It helps to provide a rough estimate or minimum standard to the noun it is attached to.

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