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Decoded Slug: Noun ぐらい~ (Noun gurai~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun ぐらい~ (Noun gurai~)

Noun ぐらい~ (Noun gurai~)

Short explanation:

Express an approximate amount or degree; 'about', 'approximately'.


Noun + ぐらい


Ichinichijuu benkyou shita node, juu jikan gurai benkyou shimashita.
I studied all day, so I studied for about 10 hours.
Kono hon wa hyaku peeji gurai aru.
This book has about 100 pages.
Kare wa kudamono wo go-ko gurai tabemashita.
He ate about 5 pieces of fruit.
Eki kara ie made aruite nijuppun gurai kakarimasu.
It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the station to my house.

Long explanation:

The ぐらい grammar point is used with nouns to express an approximate amount or degree. It is often translated as 'about', 'approximately', or 'around' in English. This can be used for time, quantity or other measurements.

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