Decoded Slug: Noun こそすれ (~koso sure)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun こそすれ (~koso sure)

Noun こそすれ (~koso sure)

Short explanation:

An emphatic expression for 'if anything', 'especially', and 'it is', which shows that other alternatives are hardly conceivable.


Noun + こそすれ


Shigoto kososure nani mo shite inai.
I am not doing anything if not working.
Ame kososure yuki wa furanai.
It would rather rain than snow.
Kare kososure dare mo watashi no iken ni hantai shinai darou.
He, if anyone, wouldn't oppose my opinion.
Nippon no tabemono kososure oishii towa ienai.
I wouldnt say Japanese food is delicious above all else.

Long explanation:

The grammar point Noun こそすれ is a conjunction which is used in written Japanese. It's an idiomatic representative of 'even if not anything else'. In a simpler definition, it means 'especially', or 'if anything'.The speaker is persistent on their statement and does not contemplate other alternatives.

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