Decoded Slug: Noun たりとも~ない (~tari tomo ~nai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun たりとも~ない (~tari tomo ~nai)

Noun たりとも~ない (~tari tomo ~nai)

Short explanation:

This expression shows the meaning of 'not even', 'not a single'.


Noun + たりとも + Negative Verb


Ippun tari tomo muda ni suruna.
Don't waste even a single minute.
Kare wa hitokoto tari tomo hanasanai.
He doesn't say even a single word.
Kanojo wa ichido tari tomo sono eiga o mita koto ga nai.
She has not seen that movie even once.
Watashi wa ichimai tari tomo sono shashin o motte inai.
I don't have even a single picture of it.

Long explanation:

The grammar point 'たりとも~ない' (tari tomo ~nai) is used to express a strong negative assertion. It means 'not even one', 'not a single' or 'none at all'. It attaches to a noun to express something isn’t in a certain state, doesn’t exist or doesn’t occur, even by a little bit.

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