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Decoded Slug: Noun たる Noun (~taru~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun たる Noun (~taru~)

Noun たる Noun (~taru~)

Short explanation:

Expresses the idea of 'being in the condition or state of'


Noun1 + たる + Noun2


Riidaa taru mono wa, tsune ni mae o mite, hoka no hitobito o michibiku beki da.
A person who is a leader should always look ahead and guide others.
Kyoushi taru mono, gakusei ni eikyou o ataeru beki de aru.
Someone who is a teacher should influence their students.
Haha taru mono, kazoku o aisuru koto wa touzen da.
If you are a mother, it's natural to love your family.
Isha taru mono, kanja no kenkou o ichiban ni kangaeru beki da.
Someone who is a doctor should prioritize the health of their patients.

Long explanation:

The Noun たる Noun grammar point is used to indicate that something or someone is in the condition or state of something, it's like a characteristic or proper condition of something or someone. It can be translated as 'being in the condition or state of' in English. The formation is quite simple and used with two nouns.

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