Decoded Slug: Noun だけ〜 (〜dake)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun だけ〜 (〜dake)

Noun だけ〜 (〜dake)

Short explanation:

Indicates 'only', 'just', or 'merely'.


Noun + だけ, Verb-casual + だけ, い-Adjective + だけ, な-Adjective-な + だけ


Koohii dake nonde, kaerimashita.
I only drank coffee and went home.
Kono hon wa nijuu peeji dake yonda.
I only read twenty pages of this book.
Kanojo wa totemo hayai desu ga, hashiru dake hayaku naku, kangaeru dake hayai desu.
She is very fast, not only in running but also in thinking.
Kono heya wa neru dake no basho desu.
This room is a place only for sleeping.

Long explanation:

The Noun だけ grammar point is used to emphasize the idea of 'only', 'just', or 'merely' in a sentence. It can be attached to nouns, verbs, い-adjectives, and な-adjectives to show this emphasis. This grammar point is commonly used in both spoken and written Japanese.

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