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Decoded Slug: Noun と Noun を兼ねて (Noun to Noun o kanete)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun と Noun を兼ねて (Noun to Noun o kanete)

Noun と Noun を兼ねて (Noun to Noun o kanete)

Short explanation:

Used to express the idea of doing two things at once or serving two purposes.


Noun + と + Noun + を兼ねて


Otousan wa shachou to keiri buchou o kanete imasu.
My father serves as both the company president and the head of accounting.
Kanojo wa ongaku kyoushi to pianisuto o kanete imasu.
She works as both a music teacher and a pianist.
Kono heya wa shinshitsu to shosai o kanete imasu.
This room serves as both a bedroom and a study.
Kare wa chichi to haha o kanete kodomo no sewa o shite iru.
He takes care of his child, serving as both father and mother.

Long explanation:

The grammar point NounとNounを兼ねて indicates that one action or thing serves the purpose of two. It translates to 'as well as', 'and also', 'at the same time' in English. It is often used when someone or something fulfills two roles or purposes simultaneously.

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