Decoded Slug: Noun という Noun (~to iu~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun という Noun (~to iu~)

Noun という Noun (~to iu~)

Short explanation:

Used to specify or define one noun with another; 'the noun called', 'the noun that is' or 'a certain'.


Noun1 という Noun2


Miyazaki Hayao to iu hito wa yuumei na animation kantoku desu.
The person called Hayao Miyazaki is a famous animation director.
Sono koibito to iu josei wa kare ni totemo kibishii desu.
The woman called his girlfriend is very strict with him.
Tokyo to iu toshi wa yoru mo nigiyaka desu.
The city called Tokyo is bustling even at night.
Watashi wa 'Harry Potter' to iu hon ga suki desu.
I like the book called 'Harry Potter'.

Long explanation:

The Noun という Noun construction is used to specify or define one noun with another. It usually translates as 'the noun called', 'the noun that is' or simply 'a certain'. It is a common grammatical pattern in Japanese, where a noun is clarified or specified by another noun.

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