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Decoded Slug: Noun というところだ (Noun to iu tokoro da)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun というところだ (Noun to iu tokoro da)

Noun というところだ (Noun to iu tokoro da)

Short explanation:

Means 'it's approximately...' or 'it's about...'. Used to show approximation or a general assessment.


Noun + というところだ


Konkai no shiken no goukakusha wa hansuu to iu tokoro darou.
The passers in this exam would be approximately half.
Kare no chikara wa hachi-juu pasento to iu tokoro da.
His strength is about 80%.
Kono puran ni sansei no hito wa nana-wari to iu tokoro da.
About 70% of people agree with this plan.
Kachou no iken ni wa, watashi toshite wa kyu-juu percent doui suru tokoro deshou.
As for the section manager's opinion, I would say I agree about 90%.

Long explanation:

The というところだ grammar point is used to show an approximation or to make a general assessment of something. It is often translated as 'it's approximately...', 'around...', or 'it's about...'. It can be used with time, number, and more abstract concepts like feelings.

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