Decoded Slug: Noun といったところだ (Noun to itta tokoro da)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun といったところだ (Noun to itta tokoro da)

Noun といったところだ (Noun to itta tokoro da)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'at most', 'as much as', 'limited to'.


Noun + といったところだ


Kare no eigo reberu wa shokyuu to itta tokoro da.
His English level is at most beginner level.
Watashi no nihongo no goi wa 1000 go to itta tokoro da.
My Japanese vocabulary is limited to about 1000 words.
Kare ga mainichi ranningu dekiru no wa 5 kiro to itta tokoro da.
He can run as much as 5 kilometers a day at most.
Sono kaisha no juugyouin wa 20 nin to itta tokoro da.
The employees of that company are limited to about 20 people.

Long explanation:

This grammar point is used to express limitation to an extent, place or in a certain situation. It roughly translates to 'at most', 'as much as', or 'limited to' in context.

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