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Decoded Slug: Noun と相まって (~ to aimatte)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun と相まって (~ to aimatte)

Noun と相まって (~ to aimatte)

Short explanation:

Used to express 'in combination with', 'together with', 'along with'.


Noun + と相まって


Tenki no yosa to aimatte, pikunikku wa daiseikou deshita.
Thanks to the good weather, the picnic was a great success.
Doryoku to un to aimatte, kare wa shiken ni goukaku shimashita.
Thanks to both effort and luck, he passed the exam.
Himawari abura to garikku to aimatte, kono ryouri wa oishii desu.
With sunflower oil and garlic, this dish is delicious.
Atarashii gijutsu to keiken to aimatte, watashitachi wa kono mondai o kokufuku dekimashita.
With new technology and experience, we were able to overcome this problem.

Long explanation:

The Noun と相まって grammar point is used to indicate that something happens or is the result of two or more factors working together. It can be translated as 'in combination with', 'together with' or 'along with' in English. It is used with nouns.

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