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Decoded Slug: Noun なしでは~ない (Noun nashi de wa ~nai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun なしでは~ない (Noun nashi de wa ~nai)

Noun なしでは~ない (Noun nashi de wa ~nai)

Short explanation:

Expresses the necessity of something; 'cannot do without', 'not possible without'.


Noun + なしでは~ない


Mizu nashi de wa ikirarenai.
We cannot live without water.
Kare no tasuke nashi de wa, kono mondai o kaiketsu suru koto wa dekinai.
Without his help, I cannot solve this problem.
Konpyuuta nashi de wa, gendai no bijinesu wa naritanai.
Modern business is not possible without computers.
Yuujou nashi de wa, jinsei wa taikutsu darou.
Life would be boring without friendship.

Long explanation:

The Noun なしでは~ない grammar point is used to express the idea that something is indispensable, or absolutely necessary. It is often translated as 'cannot do without' or 'not possible without' in English. The formation is simple - just attach なしでは~ない to the noun.

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