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Decoded Slug: Noun ならいざ知らず (~nara izashirazu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun ならいざ知らず (~nara izashirazu)

Noun ならいざ知らず (~nara izashirazu)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'not to mention', 'let alone'.


Noun1 + ならいざ知らず + Noun2


Suugaku nara iza shirazu, butsuri nante zenzen wakaranai.
I don't understand physics at all, not to mention maths.
5 kiro nara iza shirazu, 10 kiro nante hashiremasen.
I can't run 10 kilometers, let alone 5 kilometers.
Nihongo nara iza shirazu, chūgokugo nante hanasenai.
I can't speak Chinese, let alone Japanese.
Tsumetai mizu nara iza shirazu, atsui mizu de oyogu nante omoi mo yoranai.
I never thought of swimming in hot water, let alone cold water.

Long explanation:

The ~ならいざ知らずgrammar point is used when the speaker wants to express that even just a certain condition or situation is hard, let alone a more difficult condition or situation. It can be translated as 'not to mention' or 'let alone' in English.

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