Decoded Slug: Noun なり Noun なり (A nari B nari)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun なり Noun なり (A nari B nari)

Noun なり Noun なり (A nari B nari)

Short explanation:

Indicates several alternatives; 'either...or', 'such as...'


Noun + なり + Noun + なり


Eiga nari, ongaku nari, nanika shumi wa arimasu ka?
Do you have any hobbies, like movies or music?
Koucha nari, koohii nari, nanika nomimono wo kudasai.
Please give me something to drink, like tea or coffee.
Pan nari, onigiri nari, nanika tabete kudasai.
Please eat something, either bread or onigiri.
Takushii nari, basu nari ni notte kite kudasai.
Please come by either taxi or bus.

Long explanation:

The なりなり grammar point is used to list alternatives or options. It often translates to 'either...or' or 'such as' in English. The listed items are usually of the same type (for example, nouns with nouns). It can also be used when giving examples.

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