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Decoded Slug: Noun なりとも (~nari tomo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun なりとも (~nari tomo)

Noun なりとも (~nari tomo)

Short explanation:

Indicates even a small amount or degree; 'even a little', 'at least'.


Noun + なりとも


Jikan ga kagirarete iru node, ichi jikan nari tomo renshuu subeki da.
Since time is limited, you should practice for at least an hour.
Kare ni wa hitokoto nari tomo shazai no kotoba o kikitai.
I want to hear at least a word of apology from him.
Kono purojekuto ni wa, hitori nari tomo membaa ga hitsuyou da.
This project needs at least one member.
Anata ni wa, hitokoto nari tomo kansha no kotoba o nobetai.
I want to say at least a word of thanks to you.

Long explanation:

The なりとも grammar point is used to indicate even a small amount or degree in a situation, implying that every little bit counts or has some value. It can be roughly translated as 'even a little', 'at least', or 'even if just' in English. It is usually used with nouns.

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