Decoded Slug: Noun に かえります (Noun ni kaerimasu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun に かえります (Noun ni kaerimasu)

Noun に かえります (Noun ni kaerimasu)

Short explanation:

Expresses returning something to its original state, 'to return to', 'to go back to'.


Noun + に + かえります


Raishuu, heya wo kirei ni kaerimasu.
Next week, I will return the room to a clean state.
Natsuyasumi ga owattara, gakkou ni kaerimasu.
When summer vacation ends, I'll go back to school.
Kaimono wo oetara, ie ni kaerimasu.
After finishing shopping, I will return home.
Konpyuuta wo naoshitara, moto no basho ni kaerimasu.
After fixing the computer, I will return it to its original place.

Long explanation:

The grammar point Noun に かえります is used to express the action of returning something to its original state or position, or a situation returning to the way it was before. It can be translated as 'to return to' or 'to go back to' in English.

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