Decoded Slug: Noun に します (Noun ni shimasu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun に します (Noun ni shimasu)

Noun に します (Noun ni shimasu)

Short explanation:

Express a choice or decision; 'choose', 'decide on'.


Noun + に します


Kyou no hirugohan wa sushi ni shimasu.
I'll choose sushi for today's lunch.
Kono kutsu wo kau ka mayotteimasu ga, akai iro no hou ni shimasu.
I was hesitating about which shoes to buy, but I'll go with the red ones.
Yasumi no hi ni nani wo suru ka kimeta. Eigakan ni iku koto ni shimasu.
I've decided what to do on my day off. I'll go to the movie theater.
Furansugo to Supeingo no dochira wo benkyou suru ka nayanda ga, Furansugo ni shimasu.
I was torn between studying French and Spanish, but I decided on French.

Long explanation:

The に します grammar point is used to express making a choice or decision. It can be translated as 'choose' or 'decide on' in English. It is often used in situations where someone has to make a selection or decide on something, such as ordering food at a restaurant or deciding on a vacation destination.

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