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Decoded Slug: Noun にあっては (Noun ni atte ha)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun にあっては (Noun ni atte ha)

Noun にあっては (Noun ni atte ha)

Short explanation:

Indicates a specific situation or environment in which something happens or is the case.


Noun + にあっては


Sensouji ni atte ha, subete no hito ga konnan ni chokumen shiteimashita.
In wartime, all people were facing difficulties.
Keizai kiki ni atte ha, ooku no kigyou ga tousan no kiki ni hinshite iru.
In the economic crisis, many companies are on the verge of bankruptcy.
Kanojo wa koukou ninen-sei ni atte ha, ichiban toshi ue no tomodachi deshita.
She was the oldest friend in her second year of high school.
Kaikaku ki ni atte ha, atarashii aidea o taisetsu ni suru hitsuyou ga aru.
In a period of reform, it's necessary to value new ideas.

Long explanation:

The にあっては grammar point is used after a noun that indicates a specific situation or environment. It expresses the context in which an event takes place, or the circumstances that pertain to the information to be explained or highlighted. It can be translated as 'in', 'at' or 'under' in English.

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