Decoded Slug: Noun にとどまらず~も (~ ni todomarazu ~ mo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun にとどまらず~も (~ ni todomarazu ~ mo)

Noun にとどまらず~も (~ ni todomarazu ~ mo)

Short explanation:

This expresses the idea of 'not only...but also', 'not stopping at...'


Noun + にとどまらず + Noun + も


Kono apuri wa, nihongo ni todomarazu, hoka no gengo mo sapooto shite imasu.
This app not only supports Japanese, but also other languages.
Kare wa, ongaku ni todomarazu, eiga seisaku ni mo kyōmi ga aru.
He is not only interested in music, but also in filmmaking.
Kare no eikyou wa, kazoku ni todomarazu, chiiki zentai ni oyobu.
His influence extends not only to his family but also to the entire region.
Kanojo no sainou wa, kaiga ni todomarazu, bungaku ni mo oyobu.
Her talent extends not only to painting, but also to literature.

Long explanation:

This grammar point is used to express that something is not limited to just one thing (the thing before にとどまらず), but also includes other things (the thing after も). It can be translated as 'not only... but also...' or 'not stopping at...'

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