Decoded Slug: Noun に言わせれば (Noun ni iwasereba)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun に言わせれば (Noun ni iwasereba)

Noun に言わせれば (Noun ni iwasereba)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'according to', 'if you ask', 'in the opinion of'.


Noun + に言わせれば


Sensei ni iwasereba, mainichi benkyou suru koto ga juuyou da to iu.
According to the teacher, it's important to study every day.
Kare ni iwasereba, hayaku kekkon suru hou ga ii to omotte iru.
If you ask him, he thinks it's better to get married early.
Hyouronka ni iwasereba, kono eiga wa kotoshi no saikou no eiga da sou da.
According to the critic, this movie is the best of the year.
Chichi ni iwasereba, kaigai de hataraku keiken wa totemo kachi ga aru.
In my father's opinion, the experience of working overseas is very valuable.

Long explanation:

The に言わせれば grammar point is used when we want to express someone's opinion or viewpoint. It can be translated as 'according to', 'if you ask', or 'in the opinion of'. This form is mostly used in formal or written language.

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