Decoded Slug: Noun の ことだから (Noun no koto dakara)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun の ことだから (Noun no koto dakara)

Noun の ことだから (Noun no koto dakara)

Short explanation:

Used to provide a reason or explanation based on one's knowledge about the noun; 'since', 'because', 'knowing'.


Noun + のことだから


Kare wa ryouri ga tokui na no koto dakara, oishii ryouri wo tsukutte kureru deshou.
Since he is good at cooking, he will probably make us delicious food.
Kanojo wa itsumo chikoku suru no koto dakara, kyou mo okureru kamoshirenai.
Because she is always late, she might be late today as well.
Kono mise wa yasui no koto dakara, takusan ureru hazu da.
Since this store is cheap, it should sell a lot.
Kare wa dorama ga suki na no koto dakara, saishin no dorama ni tsuite hanasu to ii deshou.
Knowing that he likes dramas, it would be good to talk about the latest dramas with him.

Long explanation:

The の ことだから (no koto dakara) grammar point is used when providing a reason or explanation for something based on one's knowledge or understanding of the noun. It can be translated as 'since', 'because', or 'knowing' in English.

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