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Decoded Slug: Noun の 前に (Noun no mae ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun の 前に (Noun no mae ni)

Noun の 前に (Noun no mae ni)

Short explanation:

Used to describe a location or position 'in front of' a noun


Noun + の + 前に


Eki no mae ni konbini ga arimasu.
There is a convenience store in front of the station.
Ie no mae ni kuruma wo tomete kudasai.
Please park the car in front of the house.
Watashi no mae ni kare ga tatte imashita.
He was standing in front of me.
Hoteru no mae ni takushii ga kita.
A taxi came in front of the hotel.

Long explanation:

The grammar point Noun の 前に is used to describe a location or position 'in front of' a noun. It is formed by adding の 前に after the noun it refers to.

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