Decoded Slug: Noun の 嫌いがある (Noun no kirai ga aru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun の 嫌いがある (Noun no kirai ga aru)

Noun の 嫌いがある (Noun no kirai ga aru)

Short explanation:

Have a dislike for a particular Noun


Noun + の嫌いがある


Kare wa sakana no kirai ga aru node, sushi o tabemasen.
He has a dislike for fish, so he doesn't eat sushi.
Kanojo wa takai tokoro no kirai ga aru kara, yamanobori wa shinai.
She has a dislike for high places, so she doesn't go mountain climbing.
Watashi no chichi wa hitogomi no kirai ga aru node, konzatsu shita basho ni wa ikanai.
My father has a dislike for crowds, so he doesn't go to crowded places.
Kodomo no koro, watashi wa yasai no kirai ga atta ga, ima wa suki da.
When I was a child, I had a dislike for vegetables, but now I like them.

Long explanation:

The grammar point 'Nounの嫌いがある' is used to express a dislike for a particular thing, action or situation, indicated by the noun. This structure is typically used when a specific dislike or aversion is noticeable or relevant in the context.

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