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Decoded Slug: Noun の 間に (〜no aida ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun の 間に (〜no aida ni)

Noun の 間に (〜no aida ni)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'while' or 'during' a specific period or time.


Noun + の間に


Hiruyasumi no aida ni ginkou ni ikimasu.
I will go to the bank during lunch break.
Natsuyasumi no aida ni kaigai ryokou ni iku yotei desu.
I plan to go on an overseas trip during the summer vacation.
Kodomo-tachi ga gakkou no aida ni kaimono ni ikimashita.
I went shopping while the kids were at school.
Haha no hi no aida ni okaasan ni purezento wo okurimashita.
I sent a gift to my mother during Mother's Day.

Long explanation:

The Noun の 間に grammar point is used to indicate a specific period or time during which an action takes place. It is often translated as 'while' or 'during' in English. This grammar point requires a noun to represent the time or period.

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