Decoded Slug: Noun のいかんでは (Noun no ikan de wa)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun のいかんでは (Noun no ikan de wa)

Noun のいかんでは (Noun no ikan de wa)

Short explanation:

It depends on the Noun


Noun + のいかんでは


Shiken no kekka no ikan dewa, daigaku no nyuugaku kyoka o erareru ka douka ga kimarimasu.
Whether you can get permission to enter university depends on the result of the exam.
Tenki no ikan dewa, pikunikku o enki suru kamoshiremasen.
Depending on the weather, we might delay the picnic.
Koutsuujijou no ikan dewa, okureru koto ga arimasu.
Depending on the traffic conditions, I might be late.
Keizai no joukyou no ikan dewa, kaisha no shourai wa kimarimasu.
Depending on the state of the economy, the company's future is determined.

Long explanation:

The のいかんでは grammar point is used when you want to express that the outcome or decision hinges on the condition described in the noun preceding this phrase. It can be translated as 'depending on ___' or 'it depends on ___' in English.

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