Decoded Slug: Noun のいかんによっては (Noun no ikan ni yotte wa)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun のいかんによっては (Noun no ikan ni yotte wa)

Noun のいかんによっては (Noun no ikan ni yotte wa)

Short explanation:

Depending on the matter; depending on noun


Noun + のいかんによっては


Tenki no ikan ni yotte wa, pikunikku o enki shimashou.
Depending on the weather, we should postpone the picnic.
Shiken no kekka no ikan ni yotte wa, shingaku dekimasu.
You can go on to further education, depending on the result of the exam.
Joukyou no ikan ni yotte wa, souki taishoku o kangaemasu.
Depending on the situation, I will consider early retirement.
Kare no hannou no ikan ni yotte wa, watashitachi no tsugi no koudou o kimemasu.
Depending on his reaction, we will decide our next move.

Long explanation:

The phrase のいかんによっては (no ikan ni yotte wa) is used to express the concept of 'depending on the matter or situation'. It is used to indicate that the outcome may change based on the condition or quality of the noun (matter) in question.

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