Decoded Slug: Noun のいかんによらず (~ no ikan ni yorazu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun のいかんによらず (~ no ikan ni yorazu)

Noun のいかんによらず (~ no ikan ni yorazu)

Short explanation:

Means 'regardless of', 'irrespective of', or 'no matter'


Noun + のいかんによらず


Shiken no kekka no ikan ni yorazu, jibun o shinji tsudzukete kudasai.
Regardless of the test results, keep believing in yourself.
Tenki no ikan ni yorazu, mainichi, jogingu o shimasu.
Regardless of the weather, I jog every day.
Kare no nenrei no ikan ni yorazu, kare wa hijou ni keikenhoufu desu.
Regardless of his age, he is very experienced.
Kokuseki no ikan ni yorazu, daredemo ibento ni sanka dekimasu.
Regardless of nationality, anyone can participate in the event.

Long explanation:

The Noun のいかんによらず grammar point is used to express that something is happening, will occur, or is true, regardless of a particular situation or condition. It is often translated as 'irrespective of', 'regardless of', or 'no matter' in English.

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