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Decoded Slug: Noun のことだから (〜no koto dakara)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun のことだから (〜no koto dakara)

Noun のことだから (〜no koto dakara)

Short explanation:

Because it is about ~, considering it's ~


Noun + のことだから


Kare no koto dakara, kitto daijoubu da to omou.
Because it's him, I think it will certainly be fine.
Kono mise no koto dakara, ryouri wa oishii hazu desu.
Considering it's this restaurant, the food should be delicious.
Kanojo no koto dakara, mou sugu touchaku suru deshou.
Since it's her, she will probably arrive soon.
Kono kaisha no koto dakara, mou sugu shinseihin ga happyou sareru deshou.
Given this company, a new product will probably be announced soon.

Long explanation:

The のことだから grammar point is used to express an expectation or decision that is made specifically because of the person or thing mentioned. Usually it implies that the speaker is familiar with the character or typical behavior of the person or thing being talked about.

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