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Decoded Slug: Noun のごとき Noun (A no gotoki B)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun のごとき Noun (A no gotoki B)

Noun のごとき Noun (A no gotoki B)

Short explanation:

Expresses 'like' or 'as if'; something/someone resembles much to something else


Noun1 + のごとき + Noun2


Kare wa kami no gotoki sonzai da.
He is an existence like a god.
Kanojo no utsukushisa wa hana no gotoki mono da.
Her beauty is like a flower.
Kare wa maki no gotoki koudou o shita.
He acted like a devil.
Kono chiho wa haru no gotoki kiko da.
This region has a climate like spring.

Long explanation:

The のごとき pattern is used to convey the concept of 'just like' or 'as if'. The comparison here is strong, indicating that the thing/person is very similar to or completely same as the thing/person compared to. It is a bit archaic and thus is more often found in writings than in conversation.

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