Decoded Slug: Noun はおろか~まで (~wa oroka ~made)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun はおろか~まで (~wa oroka ~made)

Noun はおろか~まで (~wa oroka ~made)

Short explanation:

Even; not to mention; let alone


Noun1 + はおろか + Noun2 + まで


Kare wa eigo wa oroka, nihongo made perapera nan desu.
He is not just fluent in English, but even in Japanese.
Kanojo wa suugaku wa oroka, butsuri made tokui nan desu.
She is not just good at math, but even physics.
Kono ryouri wa mitame wa oroka, aji made saikou da.
This dish is not just visually appealing, but also tastes fantastic.
Kare wa uta wa oroka, dansu made umai da.
He is not just good at singing, but even at dancing.

Long explanation:

The phrase 'Noun はおろか' emphasizes something beyond expectation. It's used to indicate that something is so obvious that mentioning it would be unnecessary, and taking it a step further. The grammar pattern can be translated as 'even', 'not to mention', or 'let alone'. The '~まで' portion extends the idea even further.

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