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Decoded Slug: Noun はおろか~も (Noun wa oroka ~ mo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun はおろか~も (Noun wa oroka ~ mo)

Noun はおろか~も (Noun wa oroka ~ mo)

Short explanation:

'Not only...but also', 'not to mention', 'to say nothing of'


Noun + はおろか + Noun + も


E wo kaku koto wa oroka, ji sae kakenai.
He can't even write, let alone draw.
Kare wa eigo wa oroka, nihongo mo wakaranai.
He doesn't understand Japanese, let alone English.
Kanojo wa suugaku wa oroka, sansuu mo tokui dewa nai.
She is not good at arithmetic, let alone mathematics.
Kare wa hashiru koto wa oroka, aruku koto mo muzukashii.
He has trouble walking, let alone running.

Long explanation:

The 'Noun はおろか~も' grammar point is used to list several items with the purpose of emphasizing the last point. It can be used with nouns, verbs, and adjectives in their non-past plain form. It's a way of saying 'not only... but also' or 'not to mention' in English.

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