Decoded Slug: Noun はさておき (~ wa sateoki)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun はさておき (~ wa sateoki)

Noun はさておき (~ wa sateoki)

Short explanation:

Means 'putting aside', 'aside from', 'notwithstanding'.


Noun + はさておき


Shiken no kekka wa sateoki, kono gakki wa totemo manabu koto ga ookatta.
Aside from the exam results, I learned a lot this semester.
Tenkou wa sateoki, ashita no pikunikku wa tanoshimi ni shiteimasu.
Putting aside the weather, I am looking forward to tomorrow's picnic.
Kare no seikaku wa sateoki, kare no sukiru wa mitomezaru wo enai.
Notwithstanding his personality, his skills are undeniable.
Kare ga amari ni mo osoi koto wa sateoki, kare ga kuru to omowareru koto jitai ga mondai da.
Aside from him being late, the issue is that he is expected to come at all.

Long explanation:

The grammar point 'Noun はさておき' is used when highlighting something as an exception from an overall generalization, or when putting aside a particular matter before progressing to another point of discussion. The literal translation would be 'putting Noun aside', 'aside from Noun' or 'notwithstanding Noun.'

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