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Decoded Slug: Noun まみれ (~mamire)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun まみれ (~mamire)

Noun まみれ (~mamire)

Short explanation:

Used to express a state in which something is entirely covered, smeared, or filled with something else.


Noun + まみれ


Kare wa doro mamire ni natte kaette kita.
He returned home covered in mud.
Kanojo wa namida mamire ni narinagara kokuhaku shita.
She confessed while crying her eyes out.
Sono jiken go, kare wa sukandaru mamire ni natta.
After that incident, he was completely embroiled in scandal.
Kono heya wa hokori mamire da.
This room is covered in dust.

Long explanation:

The まみれ grammar point is used to express a state where someone or something is completely covered, smeared, or filled with another thing. The noun before まみれ indicates what the person or thing is covered in. This grammar point often has a negative connotation.

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