Decoded Slug: Noun もさることながら Noun も (A mo saru koto nagara B mo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun もさることながら Noun も (A mo saru koto nagara B mo)

Noun もさることながら Noun も (A mo saru koto nagara B mo)

Short explanation:

Meaning 'not only... but also'. Expresses that both Nouns are true or notable, but the second is particularly emphasized.


Noun1 + もさることながら + Noun2 + も


Kare no kashou-ryoku mo saru koto nagara, dansu mo subarashii.
Not only his singing ability but also his dancing is wonderful.
Kono resutoran, aji mo saru koto nagara, saabisu mo subarashii.
At this restaurant, not only the taste but also the service is wonderful.
Kanojo no utsukushisa mo saru koto nagara, sono chisei mo miryoku-teki da.
Not only her beauty but also her intelligence is attractive.
Sono eiga, sutoorii mo saru koto nagara, ongaku mo subarashikatta.
In that movie, not only the story but also the music was wonderful.

Long explanation:

The grammar point 'Noun もさることながら Noun も' is used to express that both Nouns are true, important or relevant. It can be translated as 'not only... but also' in English. However, among the two nouns, the one coming after 'もさることながら' is emphasized more in comparison to the one before it.

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