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Decoded Slug: Noun も兼ねて (~mo kane te)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun も兼ねて (~mo kane te)

Noun も兼ねて (~mo kane te)

Short explanation:

Used to express 'as well as', 'also', 'at the same time'.


Noun + も兼ねて


Sanpo mo kanete, kouen ni ikimashita.
I went to the park, also for a walk.
Kyou wa Nihongo no benkyou mo kanete, Nihon no eiga wo mimasu.
Today, I will watch a Japanese movie, also to study Japanese.
Shigoto mo kanete, kaigai ni iku yotei desu.
I plan to go abroad, also for work.
Ryokou mo kanete, yuujin no kekkonshiki ni shusseki shimasu.
I will attend a friend's wedding, also as a trip.

Long explanation:

The も兼ねて grammar point indicates that two actions or purposes are being served simultaneously. The noun before も兼ねて tells what the additional action or purpose is.

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